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BlueWhale  is a domestic leading provider of new-generation network storage products and solutions. It is committed to helping users meet challenges created by rising data storage, access and data management complexity amid the rapid growth of the IT industry and maximize profits by improving business efficiency and reducing total cost of ownership.

BlueWhale's profile 

BlueWhale is a state-holding Sino-U.S. joint venture under the Chinese Academy of Sciences. As a key pilot cooperation project between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tianjin, it was established in 2007 by the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the cradle of the Chinese computer industry, which has founded a series of high-tech companies such as Lenovo, Loongson and Sugon. The core R&D of the company is supported by the Data Storage and Management Technology Research Center of the institution.

Storage products 

As national key new products, the BWStor series of cluster storage products developed by BlueWhale features an innovative structure and reliable quality and has been used in a wide range of fields including media data editing and media assets management, video monitoring, streaming media broadcasting, video post-production, VOD, exploration data calculation and analysis, VOD/IPTV, remote sensing information processing, scientific calculation and e-government. The products are designed to satisfy users' demand for high concurrent access performance, strong system scalability and reliability. The BWStor series of products has been highly recognized among users in industries including broadcasting, new media, aviation, scientific research, telecom and higher education.

Currently,  BlueWhale's storage products have been adopted by more than 100 TV stations, radio stations, broadcasting TV networks and video producers in digital media applications and have been applied in a series of major events including the Winter Olympic Games, World Expo, Chinese National Games and Asian Games. Moreover, they have been distributed in countries including the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Turkey and Israel. Numerous audio and videos are transmitted from BlueWhale storage products to terminals through cable television networks and the Internet. Underpinned by the rapid growth of new media such as IPTV, vide sharing and searching websites over recent years, BlueWhale's storage products have been increasingly adopted in new media applications.


Data Storage and Management Technology Research Center, the former National Research Center for High Performance Computers, was founded in 1997 and shifted its R&D focus onto the network storage technology in 2001. It is so far a domestic leading storage research institute with nearly 200 researchers, of which more than half members have bachelor's degrees and above.