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According to the latest IDC research report, by 2012, file-level data accounted for 80% of the shipment of the global storage market. The massive storage data based on files or created by unstructured content such as video, audio, images and web application programs is and will continue to increase exponentially. The stunning increase in files and data poses a big challenge to data storage, delivery and management for IT management personnel of enterprises.  The only solution is to revolutionize the storage mode and adopt the storage system that integrates virtualization and strong scalability and sharing capability.

Featured by simple configuration and management, common protocols and high cost-effectiveness, the Network Attach Storages (NAS) is one of the most popular storage systems among enterprises. However, the traditional NAS relies heavily on the processor and I/O technology to realize strong scalability. At a given time point, it can only be scaled up to a limited extent.

The scale-out NAS solves this limitation. The scale-out NAS provides two independent expansion mechanisms, storage capacity and performance, to simplify management and trim the cost of ownership; in one namespace, the scale-out NAS can expand the storage capacity several PBs; scale-out supports the bottom-layer virtualization and creates resources that can be adjusted dynamically according to business needs; it also supports independently adjustment and instant expansion of the bandwidth and capacity. Thanks to these features, the scale-out NAS is an ideal integrated storage platform for companies.
The scale-out NAS Gateway (SONG) developed by Zhongke BlueWhale is such a revolutionary storage product.